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The all round hanging basket

Lets see if this blog assists you with the normal seasonal dilemma of hanging baskets to make them your all rounder

I'm sure I am not alone and years ago I would have brought my hanging baskets from a garden centre because they looked pretty? have you been there? they look lovely for a few weeks as they are generally filled with cheaper end planting that does not last for long, then start to look a mess, well there are some answers here

Start you your baskets in the Autumn, yes that's correct and I am not losing my marbles! this creates a "green base" and there is so much choice available that will see you through the winter and I do believe a basket never really needs to be emptied but restocked or replenished, its heart breaking to think of how many tons of summer hanging baskets end up in the garden bin and I sort of like the fact that the basket remains all year so that there is not this vacant gap where the hanging basket was in the summer

Ideal plants to consider include Euonymus, Cinerera, ( Silver leaf ) Hebe, Skimmia, Choisya and Cupressus 'Wilma Goldcrest, Ferns, Heauchera, Red Sage, Buxus (Box), Hedera (ivy) – either variegated or plain, Carex (ornamental sedge),

The mass variety of greenery in all the shades will look stunning and if you want some added autumn / winter flower there are always winter pansies, Primula (primulas and polyanthus), Cyclamen (small-flowered cyclamen), Viola (winter pansies and viola)Erica carnea (winter-flowering heathers).Crocus, Gaultheria, Iris reticulata cultivars,

Having established the basis of the baskets then roll on next summer for a top up of summer splash colours and any plants that come out of the hanging basket head straight to the borders so there is no waste what so ever

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